North Korea is widely considered the most dangerous place to be a Christian, with reportedly the world’s worst record regarding religious freedom.(1) Citizens must show devotion to the ruling Kim family and the regime. Suspected disloyalty – including profession of Christianity, which is seen as “Western” – is severely punished. Defectors have described how, if caught, Christians face torture. Many are sent to Kwalliso camps for political prisoners. Between 50-70,000 Christians could be present in these camps, comprising up to half of those held there. One estimate suggests that 75 percent of Christians die from the camps’ harsh treatment.(2) There they have suffered extra-judicial killings, forced labour, torture, persecution, starvation, rape, forced abortion and sexual violence.(3) Believers have been “hung on a cross over fire, crushed under a steamroller, hurled off bridges, trampled underfoot.”(4) After Kim Jong-un took power as Supreme Leader, up to 80 Christians were reportedly executed in a stadium, some of them for owning Bibles.(5) North Korea’s ‘Songbun’ system – which categorises people according to their loyalty to the regime, and determines access to necessities such as health care – classifies Christians as ‘hostile’. The four official churches in Pyongyang are regarded as show churches for the benefit of foreign visitors.(6)

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December 2017

A report by the International Bar Association’s War Crimes Committee stated “Christians are heavily persecuted and receive especially harsh treatment in prison camps”, noting that they have been “tortured and killed” for religious affiliation, attending Christian meetings, or reading the Bible and are “subjected to more severe deprivation”. North Korean defectors reported atrocities including a prisoner’s new-born baby being fed to guard dogs, the execution of starving prisoners caught digging for edible plants, and forced abortions.(7)

February 2019

A defector in Seoul spoke about a fellow inmate, Hyun, who told guards about her Faith, insisting on using her baptismal name during questioning in 2004. “She told [the interrogators], ‘I’m a child of God and I’m not scared to die. So if you want to kill me, go ahead and kill me.’” The defector described seeing Hyun returning from interrogation with severe bruises on her forehead and bleeding from her nose. Guards later took her away and she was not seen again.(8)

February 2019

The account of a North Korean prisoner was published by Open Doors. Prisoner 42 said she was asked every day if she was a Christian. “If I admit it, I will be killed. Every day, I’m beaten… They force me to sit on my knees with closed fists, never allowed to open them.” She was sentenced to a re-education camp. Another believer she met there was taken away and never seen again.(9)

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