“An invisible war” – this is how San Htoi of Kachin Women’s Association (Thailand) described the targeting of Christians in Burma (Myanmar).(1) Despite a genocidal campaign(2) being waged by the Burmese army against Kachin State’s 1.6 million inhabitants – of whom 90-95 percent are Christian (Roman Catholic or Baptist) – international reports have been slow to acknowledge the Kachin people’s predominantly Christian identity.(3) Kachin Christians have been killed, raped, tortured and used to “clear” landmine-peppered areas.(4) Women and girls have been trafficked as brides to China.(5) 3,000 villages have been burnt to the ground in the past decade6 and over 200 churches destroyed since 2011.(7) The 2017 US Department of State religious freedom report called the plight of the 100,000 displaced Christians living in camps and thousands stranded in jungle terrain, “desperate and unsustainable”,(8) while the UN branded the violence “crimes against humanity”.(9) According to the US Department of State, minority religions in the country, including Christians, saw religious property and texts destroyed. They were also denied permits for religious buildings and renovations. Chin State “blocked Christian groups and churches from buying land in the name of their religious organisations for the purpose of worship”. Christians also experienced discrimination in employment. In Karen State, Christians were issued with identification cards from central government stating they were Buddhist despite specifying that they were “Christians” on their applications. Officials refused to amend the cards.(10)

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June 2018
Two nuns were attacked by locals in Pataekyaw Village, Ann Township. Later, a priest who reported the incident was beaten by a Buddhist mob.(11)

September 2018
A UN report noted the torture and ill-treatment of Kachin Christians by soldiers. “[O]ne Christian victim was made to imitate Jesus on a cross like the crucifixion” by military intelligence agents.(12)

September 2018
200 Christian leaders were detained, churches were destroyed and severe limits were imposed on worship, teaching, and evangelisation by United Wa State Army (UWSA) authorities, which control the Wa Self-Administered Division in Shan State. A UWSA spokesman subsequently confirmed the reports. Most of the detained Christian leaders were later released.(13)

December 2018
On Christmas Eve, a mob of 50 people, including three monks in Setsi Village, Rakhine State, attacked a group of Christians during a Christmas service in a temporary shelter. One pastor was admitted to hospital with injuries sustained during the attack.(14)

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