The killing of 22 Sunday Massgoers and the maiming of more than 100 others in Jolo’s Catholic cathedral in January 2019 removed all doubt about the continuing threat posed by Islamist militants. Fear was still high following on from the siege of Marawi by Islamist extremists, who were finally defeated in October 2017 after a […]


Christians are subject to violent persecution and discrimination, much of it directly linked to Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws, which are widely abused. There have been 224 Christian victims of the blasphemy laws since they were passed in 1986. The most notorious case was that of Asia Bibi who, after 10 years in custody including many […]


North Korea is widely considered the most dangerous place to be a Christian, with reportedly the world’s worst record regarding religious freedom.(1) Citizens must show devotion to the ruling Kim family and the regime. Suspected disloyalty – including profession of Christianity, which is seen as “Western” – is severely punished. Defectors have described how, if […]


“There is a clear agenda – to Islamise all of the areas that are currently predominantly Christian.”(1) This analysis, given by Bishop Wilfred Anagbe of Mukurdi, came amid reports suggesting that over the period under review there was an upsurge in the number and severity of attacks against Christians in the Middle Belt region. Although […]


Christians slowly returned to their towns and villages in the Nineveh Plains following Daesh (ISIS)’s attempt to eliminate Christianity. During an October 2018 visit to the UK organised by ACN, Chaldean Archbishop Habib Nafali said Iraq’s Christians had endured systematic violence designed to eradicate them: “If this is not genocide, then what is genocide?”(1) His […]


During the period under examination, attacks on Christians were reported in 24 of India’s 29 states. According to one calculation, there were 440 anti-Christian incidents in 2017, 477 in 2018 and 117 in the first quarter of 2019.(1) Attacks include the killing of converts(2) and sexual violence, such as the gang-rape of five women working […]


The number of major bomb attacks on churches in Egypt has fallen compared to the previous two years when explosions struck at the heart of the Coptic Christian community, killing and maiming Mass-goers at the country’s most important cathedrals in Cairo and Alexandria.(1) That said, several egregious attacks did take place, including the November 2018 […]


Difficulties for believers have increased as the new 2018 Regulations on Religious Affairs limit many religious activities to registered sites and introduce further restrictions.(1) On 21st March 2018 oversight of religious affairs was transferred from the State Administration of Religious Affairs to the United Front Work Department, an agency of the Chinese Communist Party.(2) There […]


“An invisible war” – this is how San Htoi of Kachin Women’s Association (Thailand) described the targeting of Christians in Burma (Myanmar).(1) Despite a genocidal campaign(2) being waged by the Burmese army against Kachin State’s 1.6 million inhabitants – of whom 90-95 percent are Christian (Roman Catholic or Baptist) – international reports have been slow […]


The massacre of more than 110 people, mostly Christians – including two priests and a pastor – at a Church-run displacement camp(1) highlighted the scale of the internal conflict afflicting the country. The attack in late 2018 was one of many acts of violence by ex-Séléka militia, which carried out attacks along sectarian lines. Muslim […]